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Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps for Split Systems

Repairs for Air Conditioning and Heating Systems in Woodland Hills and West Hollywood

Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Evaporator Coils in West Hollywood & Woodland
Air conditioning Repair West Hollywood

Looking for expert repair services for your AC? Do you want a powerful yet energy efficient air conditioning or heating system for your West Hollywood or Woodland Hills home? Need to have clean air inside your room or busy business establishment? Want a heating or cooling system that will control temperature in your room yet won't create distracting noises? If you answered yes to all these questions, then we have the answers you are looking for!

Here at Bernardino's Air Conditioning and Heating Repair, we have air conditioning and heating products that will suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for a small conventional air conditioning unit for your child’s room, or a duct-free mini-split type unit to cool an older house in West Hollywood or Woodland Hills, we are confident that we can supply the units that you need.


Ensure the quality of air you breathe and comfort in your home with our innovative and high-efficiency cooling and heating systems. Our air conditioning and heat pumps split systems in West Hollywood, Woodland Hills and LA are designed to keep your entire home and business cool and warm. All our HVAC systems are built to last and designed for greater reliability.

Let us help you find the most energy-efficient air conditioning and heat pumps for split systems. Learn more about the two stages of heating and discover how SEER ratings affect the efficiency of the units. Compare your units with the variety of 13 to 17 SEER.

If you are planning to replace your old systems with energy-saving heating and cooling machine, our Energy Star qualified models can help you cut your cooling cost by 30%. These advance products are designed for minimal effect on the Earth's ozone layer. With chlorine-free, R-410A refrigerant, these advance products can help protect our climate by helping prevent harmful carbon pollution.

All these great products are available at our showroom and to clients in West Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Bel Air, North Hills, New Hall, Encino, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, and all other nearby locations in California. We also offer prompt and expert air conditioning and heating repair for both residential and commercial establishments.

Warm up with Bernardino's Air Conditioning...

MORE INFO: CHOOSING AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM for your West Hollywood and Woodland Hills Homes

There are a lot of different types of air conditioning models available for consumers in Woodland Hills, West Hollywood, and most of the areas in California. If you are not careful and do not put in the regular maintenance needed with ACs, then you risk facing huge repairs in the future.

So how exactly will you know that you are buying the right type of AC for your home? Here are some points to consider in your purchase:

First, you should look for units that are energy efficient so that you won’t have to deal with huge electricity bills. Buying known, established brands will also help you avoid major repairs since these units are made of quality parts and tried and tested systems that won’t just fail.

Second, make sure you buy the right size for your room or home in West Hollywood and Woodland Hills. If your air conditioning is too small in horsepower, it will have a harder time cooling the room. Even if it’s an energy efficient model, it would still end up using more energy as it tries to bring up a big room’s temperature to a desired level.

A good air conditioning sales and repair contractor can advise you on how to get the right horsepower for the size of the room or area you wish to cool down. They can help you factor in other concerns for choosing a good air conditioner such as window placement, insulation and local climate, other heat-generating appliances in the room, number of people who would typically stay in the room, and of there is direct sunlight coming through the room or if there are any shades available.

Your contractor will specify the cooling capacity of the air conditioning system in either British thermal units of heat removed per hour or Btu/h or refrigeration tons, which is one ton equal to 12,000 Btu/h.

Third, ask about the compressor of the unit you are buying. The compressor is the heart of the AC unit and it will need to work really hard during very hot days. Make sure you are buying a unit that has a reliable compressor, which can usually come from respected and well-known brands of ACs.

For more information on all our repair and installation services and other products, please don't hesitate to call our office. Our friendly staff will be there to answer all your questions and help you find the right heating or cooling unit for your home in West Hollywood or Woodland Hills. We look forward to serving you!


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