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Serving North Hills, Tarzana, Topanga, Mission Hills

Bernardino’s Air Conditioning Repair Mobile Site

Heating and Cooling Systems Repair in North Hills, Topanga, Mission Hills, and Tarzana

Duct-Free Spilt Systems

Mini Split system repairs and products Air conditioning Repair in North Hills & Mission
Air conditioning repair in North Hills, Mission Hills, Tarzana, Topanga

Bernardino's Air Conditioning and Heating Repair offers professional repair and installation services for all types of air conditioning and heating systems in Mission Hills, North Hills, Tarzana, Topanga, and nearby areas. Besides repair services, we also have an excellent collection of parts, accessories, and other energy efficient heating and cooling systems for homes and business establishments. We only carry trusted brands backed by years of quality and precision. Call our store today to get the best deals and rates on our repair and installation services in Mission Hills, North Hills, Tarzana, and Topanga. Find out more about our ductless split systems on this page.

NEED TO COOL A ROOM BUT DON’T HAVE AIR DUCTS? Try our reliable ductless split systems! These excellent units are available to all our clients in Topanga, North Hills, Tarzana, Mission Hills, and all surrounding and nearby areas. Whether you need a large or small unit, we are confident that we can find you the appropriate model for your home!

A ductless split system is to heat and cool homes or large rooms without air ducts. Air ducts are pipes that will help cold air travel from one direction to another. A mini split system would be more convenient for larger rooms. These types of air conditioning are also very durable, needs less repairs and maintenance for the whole year.


If you are looking for an excellent alternative for heating and cooling older homes in Topanga, Mission Hills, North Hills, and Tarzana, the mini split ductless air conditioning system is the perfect choice and can save you loads on repairs on your old conventional units. The air flow in a mini split system is able to balance through each room, making the entire home the same temperature, eliminating hot and cold spots. Mini split systems come with the luxury of having a wireless thermostat to control the temperature of your choice.

FIND THE RIGHT AIR CONDITIONING and HEATING Systems in North Hills, Tarzana, Topanga, and Mission Hills only at Bernardino's!

At Bernardino's air conditioning, you will find the right ductless heat pump or mini split air conditioner that best accommodates your needs. Our split air conditioners and mini split heat pumps include an abundance of different models. The small ductless split system is very flexible for zoning. Contact us today and learn more about the wonderful options you have when choosing the right ductless air conditioning and heat pump system for your property in California.

For room additions and wide open spaces where duct work is impractical, a Duct-Free Split Systems is an invaluable product for your enjoyment. These units are designed to be installed on the wall or at the ceiling due to their compact size. We only offer our Tarzana, Topanga, North Hills, and Mission Hills customers quality and high efficient equipment for your convenience.

Bernardino's air conditioning offers the comfort of a traditional split system for individual spaces / specific home. Whether you are creating a quiet environment or simply want to cool an area in your home, the wide variety of mini splits Bernardino’s air conditioning will offer efficient, aesthetics and comfort of a traditional ductless system.


If you are looking for systems in North Hills, Mission Hills, Tarzana, and Topanga that will heat and cool your homes without air ducts, a ductless split system is the best choice. We also have the best and most affordable rates on our heating and cooling repair services. Visit us today and discover why Bernardino’s is the go to company for high quality cooling and heating systems. We look forward serving you.

BENEFITS OF DUCT FREE Air conditioning systems

Since they do not need duct systems, duct free systems provide easy installation for homeowners and business establishments. When you are ready to install, all you need is a three-inch hole or about 7.62 centimeters on the wall for the conduit. Also, since the compressor is located outside and can be as far as 50 feet away from your indoor evaporator, these units are very quiet and inconspicuous. For business establishments or buildings, they can also choose to put compressors on rooftops for even more subtly.

Split systems are also more effective in keeping cool air within your room since there are not ducts where possible air loss may happen. They are more flexible and allow more versatility when it comes to zoning, design, and security.

For more information on duct free mini-split systems and other types of air conditioning and heating models, please contact our office and one of our friendly sales officers can answer all your inquiries about our products.

We proudly serve customers in Mission Hills, North Hills, Tarzana, Topanga, Agoura, Bel Air, Los Angeles, New Hall, Moorpark, and all other nearby locations in California.

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